Invited papers and tutorials
L. A. ZADEH - Toward a perception-based theory of probabilistic reasoning
Z. PAWLAK - Rough sets - a new way of data analysis
W. PEDRYCZ - Knowledge-oriented neurocomputing: at the junction of numeric and granular computing
R. HAMPEL, N. CHAKER, H. STEGEMANN - Knowledge representation using fuzzy logic based characteristics
R. HAMPEL, W. KASTNER, A. FENSKE, B. VANDEIER, S. SCHEFTER - Fuzzy supported model based measuring methods
L. RUTKOWSKI, J. STARCZEWSKI - From type-1 to type-2 fuzzy inference systems - part 1
L. RUTKOWSKI, J. STARCZEWSKI - From type-1 to type-2 fuzzy inference systems - part 2

Contributed papers
A. Problems of neural networks learning
J. BILSKI - The backpropagation method for various neural networks
J. BILSKI - The backpropagation learning with logarithmic transfer function
J. BILSKI, S. LITWIŃSKI - A distributed system for the testing of neural network learning algorithms
J. BILSKI, A. ŚWIĄĆ - Some properties of the neural network weights space
S. GAD, A. KUŁAKOWSKI, A. YASTREBOW - Simulation analysis of M-step algorithms of one-direction artificial neural network training
P.GOŁĄBEK, W. KOSIŃSKI - Non-homogenous adaptation algorithm as a regularization procedure for neural network
M. KRAWCZAK - Neural networks learning by homotopy method
A. MARCINIAK, J. KORBICZ - Structure optimisation of a neural network ensemble
P. STRUMIŁŁO - Scale-space driven tuning of RBF network receptive field for signal approximation
B. Neural networks for signal processing, estimation and prediction W. BARTKIEWICZ - Distribution of the neural predictor residuals for short-term electrical load forecasting problems
T. BIŁYK - Coding input sequence in few pulsed neural networks
A.M. DĄBROWSKI, D. CETNAROWICZ - Speech signal separation for application in communication systems and hearing aids
M. JACYMIRSKI, P.S. SZCZEPANIAK - Fast learning neural network for linear filtering of signals
W. JUSZKIEWICZ, A. STATECZNY - GRNN cascade neural filter for tracked target manoeuvre estimation
W. KAMIŃSKI, P. STRUMIŁŁO - Air pollution forecasting by means of multilayer perceptron network
E. RAFAJŁOWICZ, A. KRZYŻAK - Consistency of MAX+MIN algorithm for reconstructing surfaces from random depth sensing data
E. RAFAJŁOWICZ, A. KRZYŻAK - Reconstruction of surfaces from random depth sensing using RBF-like nets
E. SKUBALSKA-RAFAJŁOWICZ - On using space-filling curves and vector quatntization for constructing multidimensional control charts
A. STATECZNY, M. WĄŻ - Multilayer perceptron for ship's position fixing on the base of radar picture
C. Neural networks for classification and pattern recognition L. BOBROWSKI, M. KRĘTOWSKA - Dipolar pruning of neural layers
W. DUCH, K. GRUDZIŃSKI, G. STAWSKI - Symbolic features in neural networks
E. DUDEK-DYDUCH, Z. GOMÓŁKA - Hybrid system - walvet decomposition and hierarchical neural networks
M. GAJER, M. KAPUSTA, A. SHOMALI - The usage of Kohonen neural networks for the recognition of pathological speech
K. GRĄBCZEWSKI, W. DUCH - The separability of split value criterion
N. JANKOWSKI - Data regularization
N. JANKOWSKI - Probabilistic intervals of confidence
J. KAMRUZZAMAN - Neural network model for invariant character recognition
A. KOŁAKOWSKA, W. MALINA - Fisher sequential classifier
A. KOZIARSKA, M. PARTYKA - Some remarks on dendritic structures and classifiers for information retrieval
Z. MIKRUT, G. AUGUSTYN - Influence of the object representation on the results of characters recognition in the car's license plates
Z. MIKRUT, W. FITOWICZ, A. GRUSZECKI - The application of hierarchy of neural networks for recognition of hand-written characters
A. NAUD, W. DUCH - Interactive data exploration using MDS mapping
M. PARTYKA, W. BABICZ - Application of multiple logical variables for calculation complexity simplification during formation of logical decision trees and dendritic classifiers
A. POKROPIŃSKA, L. RUTKOWSKI - Neuro-fuzzy versus nonparametric classification systems
S. RAUDYS, A. SAUDARGIENE - A tree-type dependence model in statistical and neural classification
S. SKONECZNY, J. SZOSTAKOWSKI - Sonar image filtering by neural spatio-temporal filters
T. WALKOWIAK - Neural network approach to number plate character recognition
D. Fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy systems B. BUTKIEWICZ - Fuzzy system with B-operation
K. CPAŁKA, L. RUTKOWSKI - Soft neuro-fuzzy systems
N. DERBEL, A.M. ALIMI - Fuzzy sliding mode control of a robot manipulator
A. GAWĘDA, R. SETIONO, J. ŻURADA - Rule extraction from feedforward neural network for function approximation
M. GORZAŁCZANY, P. GRĄDZKI - The nfgClass - neuro-fuzzy-genetic classifier for IDSS design
M. GORZAŁCZANY, A. GŁUSZEK - Two neuro-fuzzy controllers - performance versus interpretability
M. GORZAŁCZANY, M. KEKEZ - Neuro-fuzzy technique versus alternative tools for generation of decision rules
J. KORNIAK - Modeling of a nonlinear plant using Matlab's fuzzy logic toolbox
J. ŁĘSKI, N. HENZEL, R. CZABAŃSKI - Conditional clustering in neuro-fuzzy systems
A. NIEWIADOMSKI - Appliance of fuzzy relations for text documents comparing
R. NOWICKI, D. RUTKOWSKA - Neuro-fuzzy architectures based on Yager implication
A. PIEGAT, M. PLUCIŃSKI - Firm evaluation with 2-dimensional projection method
D. RUTKOWSKA, K. WIADEREK - Fuzzy classification of colour patterns
R. SCHERER, L. RUTKOWSKI - A survey of hierarchical fuzzy systems
A. STARCZEWSKI, D. RUTKOWSKA - New hierarchical structure of neuro-fuzzy systems
E. SZMIDT, J. KACPRZYK - Intuitionistic fuzzy sets for the softening of decision making models
E. Applications of neural networks in mechanics J. GIERGIEL, Z. HENDZEL, W. ŻYLSKI - Adaptive fuzzy controller for mobile wheeled robot
J. GIERGIEL, Z. HENDZEL, W. ŻYLSKI - Adaptive fuzzy observer for mobile wheeled robot
S. GRYMEK, T. KICZKOWIAK - Neural models of dynamic plants in optimisation continuation
J. KOGUT - Application of backpropagation neural network to analysis of residual stresses in railroad rail
J. KOGUT - The analysis of road vibration response spectra for changed location of structure
K. KUŹNIAR, Z. WASZCZYSZYN - Neural analysis of flat building vibration problems and input data preprocessing
S. ŁUKASZYK, Z. WASZCZYSZYN - Hybrid SDIP/FDM analysis of an elastoplastic beam
B. MILLER, L. ZIEMIAŃSKI - Updating of a 13-storey frame model
D. PAWLUŚ - Application of neural networks for the prediction of surface deformations
L. ZIEMIAŃSKI, G. PIĄTKOWSKI - Use of neural networks for damage detection in structural elements using wave propagation
F. Applications of neural networks to identification, control and optimization N. DERBEL - On the optimal control of nonlinear systems by neural networks
G. DRAŁUS, J. ŚWIĄTEK - A modified backpropagation algorithm for modelling static complex systems using neural network
K. FUJAREWICZ - Identification and suboptimal control of heat exchanger using neural networks
M. JASZUK, W.A. KAMIŃSKI, A. LINKEVICH - Influence of learning rule free parameters on the Hopfield analog network phase space geometry
J. JELONKIEWICZ, K. ORDOWSKI - Implementation of AC motor current components fuzzy-neural estimator
J. JELONKIEWICZ, A. PRZYBYŁ - Neural observer of state variables in induction motor
T. KACZOREK, S. NOWAK - Application of neural networks to synthesis of state-feedback pole placement regulator
M. KOWAL, J. KORBICZ - Neuro-fuzzy approach for fault diagnosis of dynamic systems
M. MRUGALSKI, A. JANCZAK - Evolutionary programming-based observers for nonlinear systems
J. POCHMARA, M. MARKIEWICZ-WRZECIONO - Neural network for optimal routing telecommunication traffic
E. RÓJ - Design of simplified fuzzy PID controller using the inference break-up method
E. RÓJ - The fuzzy logic approach to control MISO type objects
G. Medical applications of neural networks R. CIERNIAK, K. CPAŁKA, J. KLIMALA - Comparison of neural networks and neuro-fuzzy systems in a medical application
M. DERLATKA, C. FIRGO, K. JAWOREK - Neural evaluation of the power at the knee joint during normal walking of a man
A. IZWORSKI, A. PASŁAWSKI - Application of selforganizing neural networks for analysis and recognition of auditory brainstem response potentials E. KĄCKI, M. JANASZEWSKI -Research stand of oncological investigation images
P. KRUCZEK, A. SUKIENNIK, W. WAJS, J.J. PIETRZYK - Statistical analysis of the learning process in artificial neural network forecasting arterial blood gases values
A. MENDYK, R. JACHOWICZ - A simple approach to neural optimisation of pharmaceutical dosage form
M. PATAN, J. KORBICZ - A neural and neuro-fuzzy approaches in classification of breast cancer screening
K. STANISZ-WALLIS, T. LECH, A. IZWORSKI, M. KWAŚNIAK, A. DEMBIŃSKA-KIEC - Prediction of coronary artery disease occurrence using neural networks
E. STRASZECKA, J. STRASZECKA - Combining medical information in Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence
H. Applications of neural networks in economics and financial markets A. MACIOŁ, J. DUDA - Simulation and artificial intelligence in business process reengineering/improvement
A. MAZUR, I. STANIEC - Classification of car buyer clients
J. MORAJDA - Neural networks as predictive models in financial futures trading
D. WITKOWSKA - Application of econometric models and neural networks to consumer price index prediction
I. Evolutionary algorithms and their applications J. BALICKI - Multicriteria evolutionary algorithms for finding program module allocation with total task load minimization
A. CHORĄŻYCZEWSKI, R. GALAR, I. KARCZ-DULĘBA - Considering phenotypic evolution in the space of population states
M. GRZENDA - On some issues in evolutionary design of multilayer perceptrons
V. OLEJ, Z. ŚWIĄTNICKI - Genetic algorithms and evolution strategies expressed by schema and forma analysis
V. OLEJ, Z. ŚWIĄTNICKI - Evolution stochastic optimization algorithms in application for telecommunication networks
A. OSSOWSKI - The role of entropy in evolutionary computations
A. STAWOWY - Evolutionary algorithm for bin packing problem
D. SZYFELBEIN - From interval graph coloring to timetabling via genetic algorithms
E. VOLNA - Genetic search of optimal neural network topology for problem of pattern recognition
J. ŻOLA, R. WYRZYKOWSKI, Ł. ŁACIŃSKI - Using genetic algorithms for mesh smoothing and partitioning
J. Various applications of neural networks R. ADAMCZAK, W. DUCH - Neural networks for structure-activity relationship problems
K. BARTECKI - Optimization of the night setback process for a heated building using neural algorithms
L. JACKOWSKA-STRUMIŁŁO - ANN based correction of dynamic errors in temperature measurements
J. MAZURKIEWICZ, T. WALKOWIAK - Neural network for reliability parameters analysis-case study
Z. MIKRUT, M. KIPCZAK, M. MIŁEK - Recognition of deeply processed object images using Kohonen networks
W. SIEŃKO - Passive neural networks as a model of quantum system
Z. SZOZDA, Z. PIETRZYKOWSKI - Aggregation of fuzzy load condition components in stability calculations of ro-ro passenger ferry
W. WAJS, M. ŚWIĘCICKI - An unsupervised autonomous system for low-level control of behavior mobile robot
M. WŁODARCZYK, B. DARŁAK - Application of neural network for verification of geological data
K. Implementations and realisations of neural networks N.K. AL.-ANI, T. KACPRZAK, J. KOWALSKI - A programmable gm-c time-varying cellular neural networks implementation for optimization and image processing
T. DYDUCH, Z. GOMÓŁKA - Implementation of homogeneous neural networks on highly parallel CNAPS platform
J. MAZURKIEWICZ - Efficiency of systolic implementation of Hopfield neural networks
J. SMOLĄG, J. BILSKI - A systolic array for fast learning of neural networks