The conference is organized in Poland's premier mountain resort Zakopane, the beautiful and picturesque capital of the Polish High Tatra Mountains. Even though Zakopane is called Poland's winter capital, it is an excellent place to visit in spring. Situated at the foot of the Tatra Mountains and the Tatra National Park (with Poland's highest peak, Rysy mountain (2499m)), it offers you a chance to hike on over 240km of marked hiking trails for beginners as well as experienced climbers and explore caves (accessible only in summer). The town boasts many historic monuments, museums, art galleries and exhibitions. On your way to Zakopane you may visit Cracow, one of the most historic Polish cities, with a wonderfully preserved old city center and the largest medieval square in Europe.

Information about Zakopane
Discover Zakopane
Zakopane tourist information: (+48) (18) 20-122-11

Information about Krakow
Cracow tourist information: (+48) (12) 422 60 91, (+48) (12) 421 77 06

Information about Poland
Polish National Tourist Office
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Conference site
The ICAISC Conference will be held in WDW Kościelisko center. The address of the center is:

WDW Kościelisko
ul. Stanisława Nędzy-Kubińca 103
34-511 Kościelisko

tel./fax (48 18) 207 93 00
tel. (48 18) 207 93 14

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How to reach Zakopane

Zakopane is linked with Cracow by a 100 km highway known as the Zakopianka and a railroad. The road journey should take about 2 hours. There are several bus lines connecting the towns. There are airports in Cracow (Kraków) and Warsaw (Warszawa, 450 km from Zakopane). There are several flights a day between Warsaw and Cracow (LOT Polish Airlines). Alternatively, you can use a train from Warsaw to get to Cracow or directly to Zakopane (Polish State Railways Time-table).There are several car rental operators at the Cracow airport as well as the Warsaw airport:
Avis(+48)(12) 639-32-89 / (+48)(12) 629 61 09(+48)(12) 639-32-89
National(+48)(12) 285-50-25(+48)(12) 637-00-89
Europcar(+48)(12) 285-50-45(+48)(12) 285-50-45

From Cracow to Zakopane
From Balice Airport in Cracow you have to get to the Cracow PKP Railway Station area to take a bus to Zakopane. To do so you can:

When you arrive in Cracow you do not need to book a bus to Zakopane as there are frequent shuttle buses to Zakopane, which leave apr. every 40 min. from the area of the PKP Railway Station. The Cracow-Zakopane line is serviced by Szwagropol, Trans-Frej and PKS companies. The ticket costs apr. 10 PLN. Alternatively you can use a train but the train is slower (Polish State Railways Time-table).

How to reach ICAISC from Zakopane

Participants who arrive in Zakopane are advised to take a private mini-bus (or a taxi) in the direction to "Koscielisko village" and WDW Koscielisko. The cost of taxi is apr. 30PLN. You can call a taxi from a payphone (phone number in Zakopane: 919 or (+48)(20) 66666).

ICAISC map with additional pensions.

Additional Accommodations:

The conference hotel left only 100 rooms for the conference. Thus we were compelled to accommodate participants in nearby places:
Willa Vita (WV)
Przewodnika J.Krzeptowskiego 8
Zakopane 34-500
+48 601 993 600
+48 18 20 161 04

Żółta Turnia (ZT)
ul. Skibówki 9d
34-500 Zakopane
tel./fax +48 18 20 66 020

Górski Pałacyk (GP)
ul. Salamandra 16
34-511 Zakopane - Kościelisko
tel. +481820 - 70926
+481820 - 79009

ul. Salamandra 12

Should you have any questions, you can call Rafał Scherer on +48 601 365 426.